Tuesday, 6 July 2010


The restore didn't work sadly cause of some random problem. Well so I am stuck with this lousy space left on my laptop. I don't know why I put the title as Yay! What is so yay-ish?

Off topic news
It should be more sad news cause my dad is leaving to Egypt for a golf trip for a week but the advantage of this that I get £15 EVERY day of the week (that is if I behave).

Wizarding News

I have been busy writing 2 stories. One is Wizard101 Related while the other has nothing to do with it at all.
I may be doing the plague oni today so that means that quest is off my back and I may also do farming to get my myth robe for Oakheart. I also maybe might do so pet farming. I am dying for that cute myth sprite from rattlebones which my life wizard on the other account got!!

Farm List 

1. Myth Sprite
2. Oakheart's myth cloak
3. Myth boots plague oni

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  1. can you let me read the wiz related story? thanks.